Enamel Tote Pote Mug

€ 16.00 € 12.50


Enamel Tote Pote Mug

€ 16.00 € 12.50

Our enamel mug is a great addition to all your outdoor activities. Whether you are going camping in the mountain, or by the sea, bring the mug and enjoy your daily cold or hot beverage together with your kids. The enamel mug doesn't change the taste of your drink, it is non-toxic and has a high resistance.

Size: 8 cm diameter / 350 ml

The mugs are all hand-made in Poland solely with locally produced materials, following the EU approved standards for health. The design is Tote Pote original and the quantity is limited. Each mug comes packed in a recycled cardboard box.

Here are a few more reasons, proving why enamel mugs are a great choice:

● Safe for the health of your family members and anti-allergenic,

● Resistant to rust and rubbing out,

● Non-toxic,

● Easy to clean,

● Resistant to the acids from food and drink,

● Resistant to UV rays – keeps its colour for years,

● Functional – they can be used for cold or hot drinks or you can even use the mugs to reheat your drink

● Stylish – it mirrors the past in a stylish and modern design,

● Great for camping, mountain trips, fishing with friends, at home, in the office, for coffee, hot chocolate… ready for everywhere and anything !

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